24 October, 2017 – Mbokondja Farms


Mr. Jonathan Awiseb

This morning we visited Mbokondja and three of the farmers there. Near the border with the Palmwag Concession, the Mbokondja area has become somewhat synonymous with predator problems over the past few years. (In August we chatted with Seven Tjiraso, who had recently taken his livestock away from Mbokondja due to problems with predators.) Such problems follow a drought that has greatly diminished area farmers’ livestock. Preliminary analysis from our surveys in Anabeb Conservancy indicate that farmers report losing, on average, between 85-93% of their cattle, 72-74% of their sheep, and 50% of their goats since the beginning of the drought.

At Mbokondja farmers remain resilient, “during drought,” Ludwig Ganuseb said, “you will lose livestock.” The recent drought in Kunene has been difficult, but with the conservancy providing benefits – primarily through the distribution of meat and small amounts of cash, farmers are looking forward to the return of the rains.

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