25 October, 2017 – Otjizeka

Many in Anabeb view the Otjizeka area as a gateway for lions into the conservancy. With separate prides moving freely from the Etendeka Concession, and another having recently taken-up residence, it is little surprise that the Himba farmers there are on their guard. “Due to the increase in predators we have to look after our stock each and every day,” remarked Wathora Tjiwuiua. “Lions are closer to farms [than in the past],” he added.

Mr. Tjiwuiua oversees a large household with children attending the nearby Otjizeka primary school and is reasonably concerned. He recommended that the conservancies be empowered to employ local people to monitor the lions and inform farmers of their movements. This is one of the central recommendations of the Human-Lion Conflict Management Plan for North-West Namibia.

Otjizeka Farm

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