24 October, 2017 – A-Land Farm

Today we visited with Sara Karujira and her family on A-Land farm, just east of Warmquelle, in the Anabeb Conservancy. Ms. Karujira spoke at length about the benefits of living in the conservancy as well as the residents’ commitment to looking after their livestock. Livestock, Ms. Karujira noted, are important for her family to afford school and the occasional clinic fees. But looking after livestock isn’t easy – with little available cash it is not always possible to pay herders to monitor livestock. “Maybe due to drought, [lions] are coming closer [to people] …They are now living with people.” Nevertheless, Ms. Karujira noted that it is important to have lions in the conservancy, now and into the future. “There must be lions [in the conservancy.]” But, without management, lions can be a problem.

Thanks to Ms. Karujira and her family for speaking with us.

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