16-19 October, 2017 – Omatendeka, Ehirovipuka, and Torra

Over the past week, a delegation from the North West Lion Working Group (NWLWG) met with the committees of Omatendeka, Ehirovipuka, and Torra conservancies. For us it was good to get outside of our focal conservancies (Anabeb, Puros, and Sesfontein) and learn more about the difficulties other areas are having with carnivores. In addition to providing feedback from the Human-Lion Conflict Management Plan for North West Namibia the NWLWG began a survey of all the farms and homesteads in the six conservancies. This means GPS-ing farm and homestead locations and getting a basic record of the number of livestock and their movements. The goal is to have a comprehensive map for the northwest of where livestock are moving. This will enable more informed zonation and management decisions going forward and allow the NWLWG to anticipate likely ‘hotspots’ of conflict between people and lions. It was particularly useful to have Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) scientist Mr. U. Muzuma show us around the area. Mr. Muzuma is the MET large carnivore researcher and himself a cattle farmer living in Ehirovipuka. Mr. Muzuma provided invaluable information about the region and a very studied perspective on ways to positively address human-wildlife conflict across Kunene.

Examining reinforced kraals.

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