18-19 July, 2017 – Bi-Annual Developing Conservancy Meetings

Thanks to the Otjitanda Conservancy for hosting the IRDNC Bi-Annual Planning Meeting for the Orupembe cluster. These meetings are an important chance for developing conservancies to come together with IRDNC field staff to present successes and challenges emerging out of the past six months and plan for the rest of the year. In addition to the updates provided by conservancy committees and game guards important information was disseminated to the various communities. Karen Nott of IRDNC reviewed new changes to laws concerning the harvesting indigenous products. Jeff Muntifering, representing Save the Rhino Trust, provided updates on efforts to develop community responses to threats to the region’s rhino. Representatives from the Ministry of Environment and Tourism requested that communities keep a particular eye on local populations of Brown hyena (Hyaena brunnea), as it is possible that the population is changing its behavior in response to the on-going drought. Beyond the formal meeting, important discussions took-place about designing region-wide responses to problems of human-carnivore conflict. Thanks again to Otjitanda Conservancy for their hospitality and for providing a beautiful campsite.

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