Base Camp: Wereldsend Environmental Centre

View (north-facing) from the top of Wereldsend Mountain

Thanks to our partnership with IRDNC, this research project is being based out of Wereldsend Environmental Centre, along the border of the Palmwag Concession and the Torra Conservancy in the Kunene Region. Formerly a settler farm, under the Odendaal Plan (1964), the farm’s inhabitants were relocated and the area became a part of Damaraland, one of South Africa’s ‘ethnic homelands.’ Since the 1980s Wereldsend has been used by different local conservation organizations as a base of operations. In the shadow of Wereldsend Mountain (photo from summit, above) the base-camp is run entirely on solar electricity. IRDNC permanent staff members, Wandi Tsanes, John Steenkamp, and Alfeus Ouseb maintain the base-camp and provide an indispensable link between operations around the Kunene and on-going field research and conservancy efforts.

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