13 June, 2017 – Presentation at Macquarie University – Department of Geography and Planning

Today an outline of the research program was presented at Macquarie University as part of the Department of Geography and Planning, Seminar Series. The presentation generated thoughtful discussion about how the research is being structured and a healthy dose of clarifying questions from folks interested in learning more about Kunene. Thanks to all who attended. Special thanks to Emily O’Gorman, Sandie Suchet-Pearson, David Baker, and Richie Howitt for further reflection on the project and suggestions.

This project is taking place under the supervision of Professors O’Gorman, Suchet-Pearson, and Baker at Macquarie and Professors Susan Jones and Craig Packer at the University of Minnesota. The project is being supported by the Macquarie University, Department of Geography and Planning.

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