Understanding Human-Lion Conflict

Lion Ranger program co-founders, Dr. Philip Stander and Russell Vinjevold, provide an in-depth explanation on the challenges of human-lion conflict within communal lands in northwest Namibia. Dr. Stander explains the challenges faced by local communities in arid northwest Namibia. In particular, Stander emphasizes the give-and-take between community needs and the lions’ needs following the outcomes of drought and livelihood reductions, which have been exacerbated by Covid-19.

Lion Ranger co-founder Russell Vinjevold provides a much-needed environmental historical perspective on how reducing prey species numbers affects the local lion population. He explains that there is a lag in the reduction of predator numbers, only occurring well after prey numbers have declined. This can force predators, such as the desert-adapted lions, to turn towards livestock to sustain themselves.

Human-Wildlife Response Team Leader Cliff Tjikundi provides an illustrative story about the challenges facing different groups of lions and local pastoralists when they come into contact with one another.

This video provides one of the clearest explanations of the drivers of human-lion conflict ever put-forth concerning the communal lands in northwest Namibia. Well done to Travel News Namibia and Ultimate Safaris.

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