New Home Range Maps for Coastal Roaming Lions

‘Mwesi’ in ephemeral riverbed.

Dr. Stander has recently compiled new home range maps for lion prides utilizing the northern Namib coastal habitat. As outlined in his 2019 paper, Stander has uncovered extensive evidence of lions preying-upon marine species along the Skeleton Coast.

Home ranges of prides utilizing coastal habitats.

As one can see from this map, each group’s home range in centered around one of the region’s main ephemeral riverbeds and the groups make extensive use of the coastal environment. Increasingly, Dr. Stander’s research is focusing on the largely unexamined behavior of lions inhabiting coastal environments. Though lions were historically known to forage along the Skeleton Coast, the records for this behavior were spotty. Only recently is the extent of this behavior being uncovered. More information is available at the Desert Lion Conservation website.

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