The Lion Ranger Program

Following a meeting of all key stakeholders, hosted by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism from 10-12 September, 2017, there has been a renewed emphasis on positively addressing human-lion conflict in western Kunene. Particularly within the Anabeb, Puros, Sesfontein, and Torra conservancies. One of the key strategies to addressing human-lion conflict will be restarting the Kunene Lion Ranger program, which went dormant due to lack of institutional support after initial efforts began in 2013. The North West Lion Working Group has taken the lead on drafting policy for this program’s resurrection.

A key aspect of this program is that the monitoring of Kunene’s lions, and the steps taken to address human-lion conflict, will come primarily from within the communities themselves. In this way conflict management will be more sustainable and help to grow capacity within the communities. While the program is still in its nascent stages a policy document has been drafted, and management and advisory teams are being put together. The ongoing work of Kunene Conservation Research, in particular our Livestock and Lion Surveys, will play an important part in this program going forward.

Check back as we build the Lion Ranger page of the website.


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