Lions Moved Again – 11 January, 2018

Following a series of human-lion conflict (HLC) incidents in //Khoadi #Khoas and Torra Conservancies in November of last year, a group of lions, primarily residing in the Klip River, were translocated from Kunene into the Erongo Region near Omaruru. Following the initial HLC incidents, some of the lions were destroyed, while four were translocated, and three fled into the bush. The four translocated lions are now, following protests by Omaruru-area farmers, being translocated once again to Etosha National Park.

The HLC challenge in Kunene remains a difficult one. We are heartened by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism’s insistence to find solutions to the problem that work for the communities and the lions. Our research, partnering with Kunene communities, aims at providing an evidence-based basis for managing Kunene HLC into the future. Hopefully it will assist in moving towards a management approach that can be proactive, rather than having to be reactive.

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