Still Working to Prevent Human-Lion Conflict

Livestock at an artificial waterhole on communal land in northwest Namibia.

The work of the Lion Rangers and IRDNC Human-Wildlife Conflict Rapid Response Teams continues. Over the past week, Lead Field Assistant Jendery Tsaneb has been directing a small team in the Torra Conservancy, to help prevent human-lion conflict.

Over a few days herders near the Palm Pos farm spotted a lioness in the nearby hills while moving the livestock for available grazing. One herder was able to scare the lioness away from the livestock, but the tracks in the area indicated this may be an ongoing problem. Mr. Tsaneb and the team responded to the incident before problems escalated. They tracked the lion back into the hills and spent time speaking with the local farmers to ensure that everyone was informed. Additionally, they spent time assessing the farmer’s attitudes and are continuing to keep people in the area informed. Recently cattle at a nearby farm were killed, though the farmers could not definitively say whether lions or spotted hyena were responsible. The Lion Rangers and all team members in the field know of the importance of deescalating problems as soon as possible. Thanks to the Torra Conservancy for continuing to partner with us.

Northwest Lion Working Group Field Assistant, Jendery Tsaneb.

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