Relief Food Distribution

Grateful food recipients and community conservationists.

The Covid-19 pandemic has touched all parts the globe, including limiting incomes to northwest Namibia conservancy residents. Beginning in March, staff at tourist accommodations and working for touring companies were sent home, with little certainty about when they will return to work. This dramatic and unexpected hit to local incomes immediately began affecting livelihoods and eroding people’s savings. Many parents rely on schools to provide their children with meals during the school year – the closure of schools is exacerbating food insecurity.

Conservation of wildlife cannot take place when people cannot meet their basic needs. Alongside IRDNC staff, and with support from TOSCO, and Oliver Adolph and Family, the Lion Rangers have been helping to distribute food relief in the southern Kunene Region. This past week Lead Field Assistant Jendery Tsaneb helped spearhead relief to affect farmers and community members. Packages of mealie paap, pasta, soup packets, oil, sugar, and tea were loaded on to trucks and delivered to meet the greatest needs.

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Drought Relief

One victim of drought in Anabeb Conservancy.

Beginning in November, IRDNC put into place an important drought relief program in NW Namibia. With money raised directly from the organization’s supporters, IRDNC staff have been making their way through conservancies hit hardest by drought to engage in a cattle buying program. The goal of the program is to get conservancy farmers to destock during this time of limited grazing so that grasses may rebound in coming years. This will allow for improved grazing, not just for livestock, but for wildlife as well, with important effects on prey and predators across the region. Hats off to IRDNC and its supporters for implementing this important program: it really shows the depth of support for communal farmers during this incredibly difficult time.

Communal farmer and program participant, Henry Mapanka; Torra Conservancy.