18 August, 2017 – Anabeb Conservancy Interviews

Desmond Karajiva, Marcus Tjieraso, and their family at Otjetoveni Farm

Over the past three days we met with a variety of farmers and families in the Anabeb Conservancy along the main road from Warmquelle and Khowareb to the Palmwag Concession. Spending time at farms and engaging local farmers in oral history interviews and semi-structured surveys makes up the majority of our research. By meeting people on their home-ground we can better appreciate the challenges that farmers in Kunene are facing when it comes to carnivores, in particular from lions. Thanks to Desmond Karajiva, Marcus Tjieraso, Karutjoveni Tjoveni, Seven Tjiraso, and Botes and Julia Kasaona for discussing their perspectives on a wide-range of issues facing farmers in Anabeb, in particular their willingness to discuss, in-depth, challenges from carnivores and possible productive ways forward. Thanks also to the Anabeb Conservancy Committee – a much-valued partner in our project.

Karutjoveni Tjoveni

Seven Tjiraso

Botes and Julia Kasaona

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