World Lion Day, 2021

Desert-adapted lion cubs near Ombonde

August 10 is World Lion Day, which is recognized as a day to focus on the conservation of African lions.

The Lion Rangers are privileged to be counted among Africa’s and Namibia’s leading lion conservation organizations. But working on communal land, we are reminded everyday that lion conservation in northwest Namibia is a communal and team effort.

This World Lion Day we are spotlighting just a few of the individuals making desert-adapted lion conservation possible. The people pictured and so many others are critical members of our team and partners. We cannot do it without them!

MEFT Large Carnivore Coordinator and Lion Rangers Senior Advisor Uakendisa Muzuma with immobilized desert-adapted lioness near Ombonde.
Lion Ranger Co-Founder, Dr. Philip Stander and the Rangers at training.
Lion Ranger Patrol Leader, Jendery Tsaneb
Senior Lion Ranger Phineas Kasaona
Desert Lion Conservation Field Assistant and Lion Ranger Rodney Tjiara
IRDNC Rapid Response Teams Coordinator Cliff Tjikundi
Lion Rangers with Co-Founder Russell Vinjevold
MEFT Vet Janine Sharpe and Naankuse Vet Maaike de Scheppers
Lion Rangers at training, 2021

These are just a few of the countless people working to ensure the success of the program and the continued coexistence of lions and people in northwest Namibia!!!

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