Lion Rangers Matarakuni “Lorrie” Kavetu and Esau Tjeundo

The Lion Rangers are please to announce that Ehi-rovipuka Lion Rangers, Matarakuni “Lorrie” Kavetu and Esau Tjeundo have been selected as Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism Assistant Rangers.

Working for MEFT Regional Services, based out of the Opuwo and Khorixas offices, Lorrie and Esau will be responsible for a wide-range of wildlife monitoring tasks across Kunene. Drawing upon their extensive experience as Lion Rangers and Conservancy Game Guards, both will be relied upon to help facilitate MEFT responses to human-lion conflict incidents. While we are sorry to lose them from our ranks, we are so enthusiastic about this great opportunity for them to continue advancing their careers in community conservation. A central goal of the Lion Rangers program is community development and empowerment. This includes developing capacity among the Rangers so they can grow as conservation practitioners and leaders. We are so proud of all that Lorrie and Esau have already accomplished and look forward to working with them in the field in the future.

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