Checking Early-Warning Towers

MET Large Carnivore Coordinator, Uakendisa Muzuma, at Early-Warning Tower; Anabeb Conservancy.

During a recent field trip through the northwest, we met with a number of local farmers to asses the effects of drought on their livelihoods and livestock movements. This was part of a larger program spearheaded by Namibia’s Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) to examine how farmers are dealing with the ongoing challenge of drought and the potential threats of climate change. MET continues to be proactive in developing new approaches for better understanding the threats facing communal farmers. During these surveys in the Anabeb Conservancy, we checked-in on the status of the two Early-Warning towers deployed by Desert Lion Conservation and the Northwest Lion Working Group. These towers have been placed at key human-lion conflict ‘hotspot’ farms to warn farmers when lions are in the area. Both towers are in good working order and in both cases the farmers responded positively to the tower’s early warning of lions in the area. These towers are a credit to the work of Desert Lion Conservation to continue to develop new ways to limit human-lion conflict in northwest Namibia.

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