29 October, 2017 – Khowareb

Today we visited a handful of farms in the village of Khowareb, in the Anabeb Conservancy. As the primary Damara settlement in Anabeb, the people of Khowareb generally noted that, while lions are an important part of the conservancy, and are infrequently seen in the village, they remain a danger to livestock and people. “Lions are bringing money to the conservancy” said Mr. Kandukozongombo Mombura. However, “[they] are aggressive… be careful when approaching them.” “Lions are important for tourism… If you see one… inform the conservancy” suggested Herman Ganuseb. “Lions are good, if they are not causing any trouble” said Mrs. Hans Ganuseb.

We thank the people of Khowareb for speaking with us and taking the time to discuss this sensitive and difficult subject.

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