27 November, 2017 – Torra Annual General Meeting

Today we attended the Torra Conservancy Annual General Meeting (AGM). Because our base at Wereldsend (World’s End) is right on the border of Torra many of our neighbors were in attendance and it was great to catch up with people. A central topic of conversation put forth by the committee was how to address the ongoing lion problems faced by Torra’s farmers. Torra Wildlife Manager, Vitalis Florry, provided a colorful retelling of how the conservancy staff dealt with two recent lion issues in Torra. To allay farmers’ fears about the cost of livestock losses, the Conservancy Committee publicly affirmed that the conservancy is committed to replacing all livestock lost to lions at full value from here going forward; a policy they referred to as “a bok for a bok.” Hopefully the conservancy will be successful in this ambitious effort.

Thanks to the Committee for allowing us to join. Thanks in particular to Chairman Tomi Adams and Women’s Coordinator Poula Thanises for their hospitality.

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