27 July, 2017 – Chris Brown

Thanks to Dr. Chris Brown for a wide-ranging discussion this morning. Dr. Brown is the CEO and founder of the the Namibian Chamber of Environment (NCE) a forum where environmental organizations can come together to craft policy and lobby government. The NCE also supports and maintains the Environmental Information Service of Namibia, an online repository for environmental data, reports, documents, etc.

Among many other topics touched-upon, Dr. Brown provided interesting insights into the lion populations around Etosha National Park’s northern and western borders. Dr. Brown has worked extensively with Namibia’s conservancies since before their inauguration and identified many important ways forward for conservancies to thrive in the face of both economic and environmental challenges.

Dr. Craig Packer, of the University of Minnesota Lion Center (a project partner), also participated and offered some important comparative insights between environmental challenges facing Namibia and those in east Africa and South Africa.

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