Thanks to Our Supporters

Desert-adapted lioness in Palmwag Concession. Photo: Tina Vinjevold

All of the work of the Lion Rangers and Rapid Response Teams would be impossible without the generous support of so many different individuals and organizations. Field-work, research, and community-outreach across the rugged Kunene Region is always challenging and frequently a costly proposition. Our entire team is incredibly economical with expenses and is so grateful for those who have stepped-up to support a future for communities and the desert-adapted lions. In particular we want to recognize the contributions by the Lion Recovery Fund to the Rapid Response Teams, the National Geographic Society for training and Lion Ranger field deployment, TOSCO for help across a variety of arenas, the Namibia Chamber of the Environment for kraal materials, Oliver Adolph and Family for catalyzing support of vehicles and operations, and Camelthorn Safaris for operations and field logistics support.

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