Lion Recovery Fund Meeting – 30 January, 2018

Over the past five days, Peter Lindsey and Jeffrey Parrish of Wildlife Conservation Network and the Lion Recovery Fund, have visited Namibia to examine and consult concerning the state of national lion conservation. At Wilderness Safaris’ Damaraland Camp, Dr. Philip Stander, Emsie Verway, and I met with Mr. Lindsey and Parrish to discuss the conservation status of Kunene’s Desert lion population and how human-lion conflict is affecting the population’s viability. It was a treat to speak with Mr. Lindsey and Parrish and share in their wide-ranging knowledge on lion conservation. Issues of particular importance were communicating good news about community-focused conservation and growing the arena of concern around desert lions. Dr. Stander and Ms. Verway provided crucial on-the-ground perspectives from their years of work with carnivores in Kunene.

Thanks to Wilderness Safaris for their generosity in hosting all of us.

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