(Back) at Mbokondja – 22 February, 2018

When it rains, it pours. Having recently addressed a difficult ‘problem’ lion situation at the Mbokondja farms, Anabeb’s Lion Rangers are once again busy with another adult male lion in the same area. Over the past week we were deployed, along with Anabeb Lion Ranger Linus Mbomboro, to Mbokondja for three days and nights of patrol and tracking to ensure that the area’s new resident was not endangering livestock or people. This yielded lots of lion sign, but not a clear sighting of the lion by either the Rangers or locals. This is a good indication that, while the male is moving around the area, he may feel uncomfortable being near homesteads during the day, and unable to predate livestock during the night. Great news!

By the end of our time the male was tracked into the mountains heading into the Palmwag Concession, where he appears to have met another, younger, lion. The pair appear to have set-off together. (Cliff Tjikundi, the Human-Wildlife Rapid Response Team Leader for IRDNC is currently patrolling the Mbokondja area.)

We take the past week as positive evidence of progress in implementing the Lion Rangers as effective agents in preventing human-lion conflict. The community members were appreciative and showed a clear willingness to work alongside the Rangers – we were even joined by Mr Karutjaiva who joined us for more than 10 km of lion tracking one morning.

Thanks to the community at Mbokondja for making us welcome, Namibian Ministry of Environment and Tourism officials for their assistance, and the Namibian Police for sharing their quarters with us.

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