Wildlife Credits for Lions – Community Meetings

Over the past week, a technical team composed of the Lion Rangers’ Leadership Team, in partnership with IRDNC Coordinators and WWF-Namibia Program Staff, met with core lion-range conservancies in Kunene. The agenda is developing an innovative new program to pay communities for living sustainably alongside lions. This program is called Wildlife Credits and will be an important part of demonstrating to communities the commitment of the international conservation community to recognizing the work of Africans conserving lions.

Wildlife Credits is an innovative form of paying communities for conservation performance. Unlike the majority of past conservation programs, where donations come as money or equipment with the promise of performance, Wildlife Credits supports existing work where, in this case, communities are already conserving their wildlife. It is an incentive-based performance system to reinforce the importance of wildlife conservation, while recognizing that conservation must be economically competitive. Within Namibia this program is being spearheaded by NACSO and CCFN.

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Wildlife Credits Offsets Loss of Livestock to Lions….

Farmers in Tsiseb Conservancy receive first ever payment from the Wildlife Credits Scheme for livestock killed by lions.

The Namibia Association of CBNRM Support Organizations (NACSO) has published a story on Wildlife Credits being paid to farmers in the Tsiseb Conservancy who have recently lost livestock to lions. The lion conflict incidents in Tsiseb were written about previously on this site. Though the Lion Rangers responded and worked closely with the community, the losses had already taken place. While it is good to see the conservancies supporting their farmers, the Lion Rangers continue to work to limit conflict incidents so these type of payments can be minimized.