Law Enforcement Training

Lion Rangers Training at Waterberg Environmental Centre, April 2022

Greetings from Lion Rangers Training! From 15 to 29 April, Lion Rangers from across Kunene came together at the Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism‘s (MEFT) Waterberg Environmental Centre for bi-annual Lion Ranger training. With support from MEFT, the Community Conservation Fund of Namibia, and TOSCO, this training primarily focused on developing the Lion Rangers’ capacities in assisting law enforcement.

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Lion Ranger First Aid Training

The Ehi-rovipuka Lion Rangers proudly showing-off their new First Aid certificates.

Over the past week, the Lion Rangers from all eleven core lion-range conservancies joined together at Wêreldsend Environmental Centre in the Palmwag Concession to participate in First Aid training. Requested by Namibia’s Ministry of Health and Social Services, and by the Ranger’s themselves earlier this year, this training focused on ensuring the Rangers are equipped and knowledgeable around potential injuries and environmental illnesses they can encounter in the field. This also makes Rangers greater assets to their communities, particularly farmers and their families living far from definitive care at clinics and hospitals.

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Lion Ranger Training

≠Khoadi-//Khoas Lion Ranger Sonnet !Haoses at training

This past week 32 Lion Rangers from 11 conservancies attended our third Lion Ranger training at Wêreldsend Environmental Centre in northwest Namibia. The training, organized by IRDNC and chaired by Rapid Response Teams Coordinator Cliff Tjikundi, focused on bringing both new Rangers and those now long-established, and setting the course for the upcoming year.

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