History of Livestock Ownership in NW Namibia

Late 19th century colonial map of northwest Namibia. Namibia National Archives.

Environment and History has just published an article by Lion Rangers Program founder Dr. John Heydinger on the history of livestock ownership in northwest Namibia. This and other research emanating from the Lion Rangers program undergirds our historically-informed perspective . This includes our commitment to addressing human-lion conflict and lion conservation in northwest Namibia as a series of challenges taking place within a human landscape. Please read and circulate any and all of our research to those who may find it interesting.

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Etosha Research Paper

Lions in Etosha. Image credit.

New historical research by Lion Ranger program co-founder John Heydinger examines the role of the apartheid state in the formation of Etosha National Park. This research, published by the South African Historical Journal, is available online, as part of the special issue: At the Edge of the Anthropocene: Crossing Borders in Southern African Environmental History. You can read Heydinger’s entire article here.

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