Human-Lion Conflict in ≠Khoadi //Hoas

Collared desert-adapted lioness near Ombonde research area.

Over the past week, a group of lions invaded a farm at Anker in the ≠Khoadi //Hoas Conservancy. Over two nights these lions destroyed 76 goats and sheep. Thankfully, there were no human injuries. During the ordeal ≠Khoadi //Hoas Lion Rangers worked in partnership with field staff from the Namibian Lion Trust to ensure human safety and attempt to move the lions out of the area. Unfortunately on the second night the lions returned while the Rangers were absent, leading to the widespread livestock death. A full write-up is available in The Namibian newspaper online.

The Lion Rangers and our partners at the Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism are in the process of reviewing the events leading up to this unfortunate event. The lions responsible were either uncollared or had non-functioning collars which had been placed years before. While we are heartened to know that such occurrences are increasingly rare in northwest Namibia, even once is too often. We applaud the tolerance of local farmers and ≠Khoadi //Hoas residents for not taking retaliatory actions thus far.

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