Removal of Problem-Causing Lion

View of arid Kunene Region, Namibia.

Following intensive monitoring and conflict mitigation by the Lion Rangers and other project partners, the difficult decision was taken for the male lion XPL-131 to be removed from the communal areas of Puros and Sesfontein. This decision, undertaken by the Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism (MEFT), at the repeated request of the local communities, was not undertaken lightly, but done so in accordance with Namibian Law (No. 4/1975), prioritizing human-safety when all reasonable human-wildlife conflict mitigation options have been exhausted. The Lion Rangers, local communities, and MEFT, take the responsibility of safeguarding Namibia’s wildlife incredibly seriously.

Repeated efforts to mitigate human-lion conflict stemming from this individual lion, including a last-ditch effort to translocate it far from the problem area, proved ineffective. This story has been covered in numerous outlets, such as The Namibian. The statement issued by MEFT is below:

The Lion Rangers and their partners remain committed to working alongside affected communities towards community-based management of Namibia’s desert-adapted lions. We thank the local communities and Namibian government for their continued partnership.

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