Collaring in Anabeb Conservancy

Lion Rangers and MEFT collaring team, Anabeb Conservancy

Over the past week the Lion Rangers, partnering with Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism Game Capture and Regional Services staff, recollared the lioness XPL-139 in the Anabeb Conservancy. Following the Northwest Lion Population Survey, the Lion Rangers and MEFT Regional Services have put a renewed emphasis on re-collaring lions inhabiting communal lands, particularly those living close to farming areas. XPL-139, along with her pride-mates XPL-137 and XPL-138 have consistently stayed close to the Okomimuno farming area of Anabeb.

For this operation the Lion Rangers were pleased to once again work MEFT veterinarian, Dr. Sandra Shikumba, who is becoming a valued and experienced partner when it comes to immobilizing lions on communal lands. The operation also enabled the Lion Rangers to visit and monitor the Southern Anabeb pride of one adult female and three subadult males, and check on the male OPL-2. All lions in the area are in good condition and have not been harassing or attacking livestock. It is a testament to the hard work of the Anabeb Lion Rangers and the careful livestock management of the area farmers that lions and people can closely live together in this arid area.

We were also joined by safari guide Yuka Ota as part of her television series Crazy Journey which takes Japanese audiences across the world to view wildlife and see how conservation takes place. We appreciated having Yuka and her crew join us and look forward to seeing the Lion Rangers’ work portrayed on the show.

Lion Rangers Researcher demonstrating for Yuka how a lion collar is properly fitted.

The operation also provided a chance for the Rangers to assist with some local predator-proof kraal repairs and hone their VHF skills for tracking lions in the mountainous Omatendeka Conservancy.

Thanks to MEFT Regional Services for helping facilitate the operation.

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